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Bowhunting is a journey, not a destination. While we all start that journey from different places and with different perspectives, we all strive to grow and make bowhunting better for generations to come. The Bowhunting Montana Podcast is for listeners who want to be more informed about bowhunting in Montana; whether it’s strategically, technically, or legislatively. Follow along and grow with us as we tackle controversial topics, complex legislative and conservation issues, technical skills and strategies that affect the future of bowhunting in Montana


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Aug 27, 2019

Episode 006: Tim Roberts, Technology in Bowhunting

Hello and welcome to The Bowhunting Montana Podcast! Episode 006 finds us sitting down with Tim Roberts, the president of the Traditional Bowhunters of Montana to discuss technological advances in bowhunting. Tim talks to us about the insights that have guided him as he...

Aug 20, 2019

Bonus Episode: Let’s talk about B.S. Marketing

In this bonus episode we sit down with Sarah Keller (@sjanekeller) and talk about some pretty ridiculous stuff. Innovation is a part of our world, technology advances and new products improve our lives. In this case we talk about a new product that is… well… garbage....

Aug 13, 2019

Episode 005: Shawn Briggs, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Hello and welcome to The Bowhunting Montana Podcast, Episode 005! We are extremely excited to bring this episode to our listeners. In this episode we sat down with Montana FWP Game Warden Shawn Briggs to discuss a variety of topics. We talked about changes in...

Aug 6, 2019

Bonus Episode - Conservation Conversations #1, 2% for Conservation


This bonus episode is the first in a series that will highlight conservation organizations in Montana. While bumming around the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky @dane.rider was able to catch up with @wildfrasier the Executive Director of 2% for...