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Bowhunting is a journey, not a destination. While we all start that journey from different places and with different perspectives, we all strive to grow and make bowhunting better for generations to come. The Bowhunting Montana Podcast is for listeners who want to be more informed about bowhunting in Montana; whether it’s strategically, technically, or legislatively. Follow along and grow with us as we tackle controversial topics, complex legislative and conservation issues, technical skills and strategies that affect the future of bowhunting in Montana


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Sep 17, 2019

Bonus Episode 004: Dane Gets a Bull!!!

Welcome to The Bowhunting Montana Podcast! In this bonus episode Paul and Dane sit down to talk about something that is kind of a big deal… Dane shot his first elk ever, a bull, with a recurve. Dane walks us through the hunt as well as talks about lessons learned and what the season holds from here on out.   #bowhuntmt


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Paul Kemper (@paul_kemper)

Dane Rider (@dane.rider)


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The Suitcase Junket is not affiliated with the Traditional Bowhunters of Montana, other than in a friendly way, or with opinions expressed in this podcast.